Payroll Employee Time Tracking

Payroll employee tracking is a crucial aspect of managing a business and its workforce. In farming a good payroll employee tracking system should support your mobile workforce. Harvest Point provides a time clock for your field workers that they can take with them. Crew leaders or field bosses can enter time for their team, or you can require employee badge barcode scanning so the workers have some control of their time entry. 


Mobile Field Entry

Harvest Point provides a payroll employee tracking system designed specifically for the needs of the farming industry. It supports mobile workers and offers a time clock, which allows employees to clock in and out on-the-go, or can be operated by crew leaders or field bosses. The system can be configured to use barcode scanning or manual time entry, and it allows for tracking of employee location, work hours, and piece-rate. Additionally, harvested bins can be recorded and credited.

Field Boss/Crew Leader Time Entry

 Settings so you can configure the system for either barcode scanning team member badges or select your group and

  • Assign them to a task
  • Assign them to a work order
  • Send them to lunch
  • Clock them out
  • Record a break

Field Boss/Crew Leader can track their own time

Understand where your employees are, how long they have been working, and capture piece rate.

Credited Harvested bins are also captured 



Reporting and Integration 


  • Time and Attendance Tracking: This feature allows employees to clock in and out and record their hours worked.
  • Payroll System Integration: Harvest Point provides easy export of time tracking data from the Web Viewer.
  • Paylocity Export
  • Reporting: Harvest Point provides detailed and customizable reports.
  • Integration: The payroll employee tracking system should be able to integrate with other HR and financial systems, such as benefits and accounting software.
  • Data Security: The system should protect employee information, such as social security numbers and bank account information, with secure data storage and encryption.


By using a payroll employee tracking system, businesses can streamline their payroll processes, reduce errors, and ensure compliance with labor laws and regulations. This helps businesses to save time and money, and to focus on their core business operations.