Farm Management from Fields and Orchards to Customer


Planting • Pruning • Picking • Hauling • Inspecting • Processing • Packing • Order Fulfillment • Time Tracking • Spraying
Harvest Point software assists you in tracking and managing your operation.


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Harvest Point can streamline your operation in the following areas:


  • Configure the system to match the way you run your business
  • Simple and easy to use phone interface
  • Field personnel can use the system in their native language
  • Does the software meet your needs? If not, let’s talk.

Mobile First

  • Track your farm from your device for most operation processes
  • Manage employee workload and know what employees are doing remotely
  • Know the history of every bin or storage location



  • Estimate container yields ahead of time so you can plan your harvest work load
  • Record multiple estimates over time

Barcode Scanning

  • Print barcode tags live in the field/orchard, creating an electronic record
  • Or use pre-printed tags and scan to create an electronic record
  • Record raw inventory harvested
  • Record each step along the process from received, inspected, and processed
  • See bin history with a scan

Track Harvest Yield

  • Electronic record for every bin with timestamp
  • Track location of bins
  • Timestamp field events
  • Associate yield record with:
    • Field/Orchard, Block, and Row if desired
    • Commodity, Variety, and Sub-Variety if desired
    • Bin Type, Fill Level
    • Bin Score, Field Grade
    • Picker and/or Crew

Hauling Dashboard

  • Provide a map to your bins so tractor operators in the field can quickly find and move bins
  • Tell drivers where bins are ready for loading
  • Each driver can easily indicate which bins they intend to load for smooth operation and less waste in fuel and time
  • Automatic creation of Delivery Ticket when loaded

Time Tracking

  • Track employee time to a specific field/orchard
  • Track employees to a specific work order
  • Clock in a crew of employees as a group
  • Barcode Scanning clock in/out
  • Send time/pieces summary or detail report to employees via text
  • Web reporting to prepare payroll data

Field Pack

  • Print GTIN Labels in the field with electronic record
  • Dispatch electronic truckload of finished goods from the field
  • Receive truckload and create pallet tags upon arrival
  • Electronic pallet tags entered into finished goods inventory

Work Orders

  • Track effort for multiple employees
  • Data entry forms
  •     Spray Applications
  •     Field Pack
  • Complete Spray Application system

Pallet Tagging and Order Fulfillment

  • Create and print Pallet Tags for all of your inventory
  • Sales orders automatically decrease inventory
  • Inventory Report provides current inventory status

Full Web Reporting System

  • Create custom reports and save them to repeat future reports
  • Group, filter and sort data according to your needs
  • Export data to spreadsheet or CSV file
  • Paylocity payroll integration

Web-based Sales Order Entry

  • Create Sales orders
  • Track shipping status
  • Print Bill of Lading and Invoice documents
  • QuickBooks integration
  • Contact us for other integrations



This is a list of many of the mobile features in Harvest Point.


Below is a high-level review of each of the mobile functions available in Harvest Point. This menu can be customized for your company as a whole; and specifically for each user. As an example, the Bin History function may not apply to your company and therefore would not display on any user’s menu. Additionally, if a given user has just one role, only that function would display on their mobile device.

The Roles & Permissions Matrix (not shown) allows you to define which features each user has access to. There is a very robust Applications Settings (not shown) in which you can:

  • Set up your static data, such as: Orchards/Fields; Blocks; Commodities; Varieties; Employees; Crews; and other information.
  • Define how various processes will work for your users. Each process can be customized to your your needs.

Only a System Administrator has access to these Settings. The benefits:

  • easier to train as the system closely matches current processes
  • faster input
  • less mistakes

Bin History

Allows scanning a bin tag and provides a complete history of all events which have occurred with the bin, such as Picking, Loading, Receiving, Inspecting, Weighing, Dumping (Processing), etc.

Delivery Ticket

Used to create a delivery of bins from the orchard/field to Storage or Pack-house. Can print a Ticket if desired, or use Electronic Receiving. Captures pertinent Load information, such as Date/Time, Driver, Truck, Comments.

Empty Bin Request

People in the field can request bins be brought to them (by type and size).

Empty Bin Tracking

Tracks the bins the Growers have picked up and returned to the Packer. Can print a receipt.


Entry of Forecast of how many bins by a Lot and Variety. Can modify Forecast as often as needed and shows prior 5 years of Actual.

Fulfill Sales Order

Shipping of packed product to fulfill a Sales Order. The mobile device displays the sales order (has been entered via browser-based Sales Order Entry System), with product and quantities; provides for scanning the pallet tags.

Harvest Bin Tracking

Mobile Bin tagging function. Adds to your bin inventory. Many configurable settings on how to use this very powerful function, including what data is to be captured: Orchard/field, Block, Row, GPS coordinates, Date/time, Variety, Crews, Pickers, Bin type, % Full, Field Grade, Bin Score, and more.

Hauling Dashboard

Displays the location and how many bins are available to be picked up in the Orchard and drivers can reserve and go pick-up the Load.


It is a feature used by tart cherry processors who wish to capture the height of the cherries in water. Harvest Point computes the weight of the cherries.


Provides for inspection of the fruit in the bin. Various criteria can be used.


Used for setting up tracking for Growers in your Field/Orchards.

Manage Runs

Provides for starting and ending a Packout/Process Run. Selection of Grower and Variety and other pertinent information.

Multi-bin Grade

Provides for multiple bins to be inspected at the same time.

Pallet Tagging

Mobile Pallet tagging function for packed product. Adds to Packed Inventory.


This is available on the web and mobile. To set-up your planting schedule by Orchard/Field, Block and Variety, expected harvest date, etc.

Pre-Print Yield Tags

Used if you prefer to print the bin tags in the office and take them to the Orchard/Field (versus printing ‘live’ in the Orchard/Field).

Process Bins

The function allows you to scan the bins being dumped on the processing line(s). This can be done right at the dump station or later in the office.

Receive Delivery

For receiving a load of bins from the Orchard/Field. If the Pre-print Yield Tags is used, the first scan can occur here (if you do not wish to scan in the Orchard/Field).

Receive Pallets

For field-packed product or receiving inventory from one of your partners. The Field Pack use of Harvest Point provides for printing GTIN labels for the cartons, RPCs, containers in the field: a Dispatch/Recieve Truck function, and very easy printing of the pallet tags when the truck arrives at the cooler. This adds to your packed inventory.


Most reports are found using the browser-based WebViewer but some are available on the mobile. We can create any view/report for mobile use, based on your needs


Very robust Time-Tracking system is accessed via the menu. Capabilities include Crew clock-in/outs lunches/breaks, hourly and piece work, Approval Process, Employee photos, Text/Email/Phone direct from Mobile.

Transfer Inventory

Used to transfer bins from one location to another.

Weigh Bin

Capture weight of bin. As the Bin type knows the tare weight, it can compute the net (produce) weight.

Work Order/Spray Records

Your Chemicals, Mixes, Reentry information, PPE are in the system. The Work Order is used to enter the recommendation for a certain Mix, a required date, orchard/field and block (target pest or disease). The Recommendation will display on a dashboard of your applicator’s mobile device. They can reserve it and apply the mix including batching. They must confirm the reentry time and PPE as well as enter the wind speed, direction, temperature and other required information.


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