ZQ520 Power States

1. When the power button is solid green the printer is on.

2. The display darkens when the power is on, but the printer is still on at that point

3. When the printer is sleeping you can’t print to it. You will know it is sleeping because the power button will flash green every few moments. From an iOS device, the Bluetooth will not be connected.

4. You have to manually turn the printer on by holding the power button for less than 3 seconds. Once on, your mobile handheld device should restore its Bluetooth connection to it.

5. If you push the power button for more than 3 seconds, it will shut the printer down.

6. The printer is shut down and charging when the power button is red/orange

Sending Commands

To configure your Zebra printer, use the Printer Setup Utility available from Zebra’s web site, and it runs on Windows. This utility connects with your printer via a USB cable so there is little configuration needed for the utility to start working with your printer. 

1. Make sure the printer is connected to the Windows machine via USB cable.

2. Click the Refresh Printer List button to see your connected printer.

3. Select the printer by clicking on its icon.

4. Click the Open Communication With Printer button. 

5. Enter the below commands; you will know that they have been sent to the printer when the printer reboots.

Timeout Commands

You can turn sleep mode off… 

  ! U1 setvar "power.sleep.enable" "off"
! U1 do "device.reset" ""

 , or you can turn it on and set your timeout with these commands:

! U1 setvar "power.sleep.enable" "on"
! U1 setvar "power.sleep.timeout" "1200"
! U1 do "device.reset" ""

… it’s in seconds, so 1200 would be 20 minutes